Monday, 5 November 2007

Pictures of Ringworm and how to get rid of it

Welcome all, to this blog about Ringworm disease. The main aim is to provide as many images of ringworm as possible so that you can hopefully identify if you have this debilitating disease. Many people ask me “what ringworm actually look like”, and when I tell them they often are still unsure if that’s what they have. Therefore this site was created so that people can see for themselves the various states this disease can have on the body.

I must state now that if you have any abnormalities with your body you should consult your doctor immediately. More often than not people make the wrong self diagnosis which leads to increased anxiety and stress or worse still they think they are ok when actually they have a serious illness.


Ethan said...

hi,Thanks for sharing this pictures as it provides more clear information about the disease. Well you can get rid of it by using effective Home Remedies for ringworm. Yes I would like to share with you some of these tips which worked well with me and hope works well with you too. Well the basic cause of Ringworm is due to lack of protective Fatty acids in different parts of the body. so one of the best Solutions for ringworm is the use of raw papaya or mustard seeds which is to be applied externally on the infected area. This will definitely show improvement in some time.
Well i got this tip from a site where there are more tips available for it but I shared with you the one which worked well for me!!!